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Lana and Agatha Join the Cast of Hyrule Warriors
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Lana and Agatha Join the Cast of Hyrule Warriors

Breaking out the big guns.

The Bandwagon Effect is full force over at Hyrule Warriors. Once series mainstay Impa hopped into battle the floodgates opened for pretty much anybody to come on down. Especially since this title is "non-canonical," pretty much anybody can throw in their bid to commit genocide on bulbins. 

Let's go ahead and take a look at the trailer for Zelda. Sure, she was announced at E3, but video footage of her whoopin' up on baddies has just now been released.

Oh, Zelda fights with a rapier, huh? You don't want to point out that she's got an arsenal of spells and can summon a glowing, holy bow? 

We talked briefly about the next two characters when Impa was announced, but now we've got footage of them actually laying waste to enemies!

Here's Twlight Princess' insect-addicted girl Agatha, finally ready to show off her unique style of umbrella-fu.

Agatha is, so far, the only character who can throw a tantrum so gnarly it summons a giant beetle to house the baddies. 

Remember how I said this game wasn't canonical? Now KoeiTechmo is just making up their own characters. Here's footage of Lana (referred to as the White Sorceress), who finally makes use of Zelda's giant, movable blocks.

So far, Lana looks to be the most interesting character here. Using blocks to make additional terrain to jump around and wreck enemies appears slightly more complicated and rewarding than what I'd expect from a Warriors game.

With September a scant few months away, we'll just have to see if these six characters flesh out the full roster of Hyrule Warriors.