• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Deathtrap Combines ARPG and Tower Defense for Maximum Deaths Caused by Traps
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Deathtrap Combines ARPG and Tower Defense for Maximum Deaths Caused by Traps

The arena is one big trap of death, really.

Born from the tower defense quests in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing IIDeathtrap adds more substance and variety to the wave-slaughtering mini-game in this full fledged title. In a yet to be revealed story and world, you'll team up with friends to build defense towers, traps, and attack enemies as they attempt to reach and attack your portal. 

Fans of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing will feel right at home, as Deathtrap is built with the same graphics engine as the Van Helsing franchise. Where in Van Helsing players had a modest yet limiting selection of traps and defense towers to chose from, Deathtrap aims to expand these devices with more unique options. Towers are generally designed to attack enemies from afar, while panels cause serious issues for monsters walking over them. Panel actions range from spikes of death or the summoning of minions to fight off the hoard. 

Instead of just building, upgrading, and sitting back, you'll take control of a character with attack and defense abilities. This way, if there's a weak link in your path, you can fill in the gaps and hopefully protect the precious portal.

In a Twitch stream this month, Neocore confirmed Deathtrap will have co-op, but no other details were released. Check out some of the concept art in the gallery below, and stay tuned for more info.