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Dragon Age: Inquisition HQ App Out Now; Patches Stabilize Gameplay
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Dragon Age: Inquisition HQ App Out Now; Patches Stabilize Gameplay

Inquiring on the go

There you are, locked away in your office cubical. Lost in a daydream about the vast world of Thedas, and the many exciting adventures experienced by members of the Inquisition. But now, with the infinite power of your Window's phone (or the website), you can check in on your homeboys and girls with the Dragon Age: Inquisition HQ App. 

The new App gives you an in-depth look at all your multiplayer characters you have unlocked. Sign in with your Origin account and you'll get the full rundown. Current stats, inventory, loadout, etc. While you can't necessarily change their gear or whatnot from this mode, it does provide an ample amount of information in regards to your characters, including completed challenges and leaderboard information. If taking a peek at what your virtual guys are up to is your idea of a good distraction at work, head on over to the Windows apps or check out the website.

If you're not the kind to worry about games outside of actually playing them, there is some additional news as well. Bioware is out to make Inquisition as smooth a ride for everybody as possible. In addition to the Day 1 Patch, a second patch dropped recently to help alleviate some of the jank in connecting to multiplayer matches. These fixes include crashing during loading screens, animation improvements, and immersion breaking bugs. While Patch 2 has been implemented on the PS3, PS4, PC, and 360, a release date for the Xbox One has yet to be announced. You can check out a full run down of the patch notes here.

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