PAYDAY 2 Content Will Keep Rolling Out For Two More Years
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PAYDAY 2 Content Will Keep Rolling Out For Two More Years

OVERKILL is overjoyed to bring you more heist shall never die! A recent announcement from OVERKILL stated that PAYDAY 2 will be continually supported for another two years! The community has continually supported the developers for years with this series and this is the outcome of all your support.

OVERKILL's mega popular heist co-op game is going to receive developer support and new content on Steam over the next two years. A new contract with their publishers, 505 Games, has allowed them to continue their work with the 4-player online co-op title for even more heisting and epic criminal debauchery.

Starbreeze Studios mentions in the Steam post that they intend to dish out more free updates, additional paid DLC content, and all new campaigns for the community to enjoy over the coming years, and we couldn't be happier! PAYDAY 2 is one of those games that gets FPS co-op right and we are just as thrilled as the OVERKILL team that the content will continue to come. Almir of OVERKILL wrote:

On behalf of the rest of the crew, thank you everyone for your support through the years! We wouldn't be where we are without you guys! We will honor your support by continue supporting PAYDAY 2 for two more years.

Now, whether this bit of news applies to the the upcoming console versions, PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition, is still up in the air, we do have a good feeling that OVERKILL will try their best to help out these platforms as well. We still have to wait for their release this coming June, but at least we know the devs won't be retiring PADAY 2 just yet.