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Our Weekend in Gaming: Valentine's Day Edition
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Our Weekend in Gaming: Valentine's Day Edition

Yes...love is in the air.  And with any good pair comes co-op gaming.


Nick "bapenguin" Puleo - "I plan on working on the back catalog of games.  GTA IV, God of War 2 and possibly checking out Flower on the PSN."

Jim "txshurricane" McClaughlin - "I'm going to play the H.A.W.X. demo as much as possible, play some Ace Combat, and play the rest by ear. Maybe some more Call of Duty: World at War and Far Cry 2."

Marc "DjinniMan" Allie - "Busy due to V-Day, but I plan to check out the HAWX Demo when I have a chance.  Also, I'm gonna do some local co-op with my kids in Magic Ball."

Mike "pheriannath" Katsufrakis - "I'm currently working on F.E.A.R. 2, and have picked up the first Condemned since I missed out on it.  Of course, these will be sprinkled with sessions of L4D and World of Warcraft."

Jason "OrigamiPanther" Love - "I'll be playing (and highly recommend) Flower. I'll also try to get in a couple of L4D matches and maybe search out a few folks for some Titan Questing via Steam (send me a PM if interested)."

Katrina "ShadokatRegn" Pawlowski - "I'm going to log on some more hours with Armored Core: For Answer (hopefully with some Co-op) and hopefully boot up Metal Gear Solid 4 to sit through a few hours of cut scenes!"

Loren "AgtFox" Halek - "Play the H.A.W.X. demo, maybe get Flower and also get into some games I haven't touched yet"

Any V-Day plans with your significant other?