The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Watch a Quick Overview Video of Elder Scrolls Online
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Watch a Quick Overview Video of Elder Scrolls Online

You know, if you wanna.

Got some not-so-savvy friends you'd like to get hooked on Elder Scrolls Online? Having trouble finding the right words to detail the game's splendor? Don't worry, Bethesda's got your back. In an effort to reel in newbies to the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited world, the team has released an overview video that spells out the game's basics in slow, sumptuous detail. Mmm, dat narrative voice over...

It's a low-level introduction, but hey, gotta bring in new players somehow, right? The video touches on some of our favorite selling points for ESO, including co-op play, hundreds of quests, endless areas to explore, epic battles. Things cool gamers like us already know, but your buddy who exclusively plays mobile games might need a reminder of what bigger, badder gaming systems can accomplish.

Remember there are always new surprises in store. Says so right in the video. Only you can define your ultimate legacy. So get your co-op buddies together and go do it!