The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Elder Scrolls Online - Co-Oping a Dungeon Recap
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Elder Scrolls Online - Co-Oping a Dungeon Recap


The Elder Scrolls Online may have been out for a while, in fact it's something we checked out back in 2015, but recent updates and new expansion called Elsweyr has made us re-evaluate our interests in Bethesda's co-op heavy MMO.

First Mike got hooked thanks to some co-workers that urged him to play. Then Nick decided to dive back in, giving the game his 3rd chance. Finally Jason begrudgingly picked the game up for $10 on Steam sale. And then? Some good ol' power leveling and a dungeon run.

And that's where we've left off. Dive in and check out a little bit of what the game has to offer and then harass Mike for accidentally muting himself halfway through the stream while trying to do a dance emote. Only on the internet folks!