• Online Co-Op: 8 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 8 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Gunscape Coming to PlayStation 4 and Wii U
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Gunscape Coming to PlayStation 4 and Wii U

The "Minecraft" meets "Doom" of FPS

Last year we heard about a game with an interesting take on the whole FPS genre. Gunscape combines world-building and FPS elements to create a game that allows players to build their own levels, and then play them with (or against) friends. Originally slated for a PC and Xbox One release, the title will be arriving on PlayStation 4 and Wii U early next year.

For fans of local co-op, Gunscape will definitely have you covered on the PC and Xbox One fronts. Both platforms will support up to eight player local split-screen mayhem. They also support up to eight players online, but it does not appear combo co-op is support. Weirdly, only four players will be supported (either online or local) for the PlayStation 4 and Wii U versions. Fortunately for all players, levels created on any of the platforms will be made available to all players.

If you're curious exactly what eight player split-screen looks like, then enjoy the latest trailer.

Gunscape is available via Steam Early Access for free, though no word on whether it will be free for consoles or not. The title will see a full release on Xbox One and PC September 9th this year, and sometime Q1 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Wii U.