Royal Gadget DLC Now Available for Chariot on Xbox One
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Royal Gadget DLC Now Available for Chariot on Xbox One

Break the game in the most fun ways imaginable

Owners of the very charming, puzzle platforming Chariot on the Xbox One can now enjoy the new Royal Gadget DLC. This content adds five new gadgets to the game's existing repertoire and also allows you to play as the Royal Shopkeeper.

The new gadgets that have been added are:

  • Shield Bubble - protects the player from everything and bounce off the floors/walls/ceilings
  • Omni Boots - allows the player to walk normally on any surface, including ice, lava, and quicksand
  • Stasis Field - freezes everything in place (except players)
  • Warp Beacon - use once to place a beacon, then use it again to instantly teleport the Chariot (and anyone attached/on it) back there
  • Royal Arms - a new special attack for each of the different playable characters

In addition, each of these gadgets will have two blueprints hidden throughout the game that upgrade its abilities even further. These gadgets are unlocked immediately upon completion of the game's initial stage/tutorial.

The DLC retails for $2.49 or players can pick up the bundle (which includes the game) for just $15.99.

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