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Design a Gun for Killing Floor 2 for a Chance to Win $1500
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Design a Gun for Killing Floor 2 for a Chance to Win $1500

Not your typical guns for cash exchance

Game development isn't always about programmers hunched over keyboards plugging away at code for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sometimes the developers like to reach out to their community for inspiration. Tripwire Interactive is doing just that for Killing Floor 2 by offering up $1500 cash for the best/original items and guns that are designed for use within the game's Steam Workshop.

The contest - titled "Guns n Gear" - runs until 11:59 PM EST, Sunday, October 23rd and is being managed via, the graphics design/mod community site. In order to participate, you'll need an account on both Steam and Polycount, as all designs must be posted to the appropriate forum on the site. Prizes will be given out for the winners in each of four catgories:

  1. Single Item
  2. Item Set
  3. Single Weapon Skin
  4. Weapon Skin Set

It should be noted that these designs will have to be fully textured and modeled, and have to be original in design (no copying Destiny guns, for example).

Full details of the contest can be found at

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