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Destiny, Rayman Legends, and More on Xbox Gold And Spotlight
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Destiny, Rayman Legends, and More on Xbox Gold And Spotlight

Drink in the savings.

We associate deep discounts on video games with seasonal events. You know it's Christmas when the Steam Sale goes into overdrive. Or you know summer is raging on when PSN slashes prices. I guess the folks down at Microsoft are huge fans of St. Patrick's day.

The Harbinger of All Things Xbox, Major Nelson, has just revealed the deals for Xbox Gold and Spotlight for this week. And what a sale it is! If you and your posse are in possession of Microsoft's monolithic black console and are also Xbox Live Gold members, you can pick up quite a few winners on the cheap. 

Topping the charts here is Destiny: The Taken King coming in at a 40% Discount.

For local co-op fans, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (both the regular AND the deluxe edition), and Rayman Legends is also getting a 40% price cut. Rayman Legends is also on sale for the now archaic Xbox 360 for 60% off the normal price.

Toy Soldiers War Chest, and Hall of Fame Edition both come in at 33% off.

Keep in mind, all these deals are only available until March 21st, so you'd better act soon if you want to take advantage of them. Take a look at the full list of deals on Major Nelson's website.

Saving money on great games is welcome any time of year. Maybe we can start looking forward to more obscure holidays if they bring with them more sweet deals. How about giving us 30% off of Call of Duty for Mother's Day? Or a 60% discount on Dying Light for Canadian Appreciation Day?