Ghostbusters: The Video Game

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Who Gonna Call You? - Ghostbusters Co-Op Mode
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Who Gonna Call You? - Ghostbusters Co-Op Mode

We really, really, really wish we'd gotten a hold of IGN's question list for their latest interview with Terminal Reality's Brendan Goss before it went live. A two-page article chock full of interesting new Ghostbusters: The Video Game details, the interview unfortunately almost fails at getting new co-op info.


Brendan Goss offered this cover-all description of the online co-op in Ghostbusters:


IGN: Can you tell us anything about multiplayer?

Brendan Goss: Ghostbusters does feature a number of online co-op multiplay modes. These are set up as calls around the city that the Ghostbusters go out on.


We can speculate all day here -- and please do -- but I'm about six times more interested now, and I was pretty pumped to begin with. I wonder if any of these "calls" will lead you to an area where waves of enemies a "Horde Mode"...?