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Log into The Division this Weekend for Phoenix Credits
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Log into The Division this Weekend for Phoenix Credits

Developer's apology for post-update issues

Last week brought the first big free update to Tom Clancy's The Division, though it was not without its problems. During a Twitch stream yesterday, the developers stated that they are aware of the issues players are facing and are working on ways to make amends.

As a way of saying "our bad," developer Massive Entertainment announced that logging into The Division this weekend will net you 150 Phoenix Credits for free. If you're unfamiliar with the currency, this those credits are used at the special gear vendor within the main Base of Operations to purchase high-end gear and blueprints. As you normally earn only 10 credits for completing a daily mission, and most stuff within the store is at least 70 credits, that will go a little way towards getting you closer to having that gear score of 160 that's needed to access the "Falcon Lost" Incursion event.

The full "State of the Game" stream can be found on Twitch, for those who may be interested. The exact times/dates for the Phoenix Credits deal weren't revealed during the stream, but the devs said to check the game's Twitter account for the exact details on when that will happen and for how long.