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  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
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Rocket League Now Supports PC/Xbox One Cross-Platform Play
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Rocket League Now Supports PC/Xbox One Cross-Platform Play

Just one step away from PS4 to Xbox One

If you're all about the PC and your friend is all about the Xbox One but you both enjoy playing Rocket League, then rejoice! Cross-platform play is now available for the two versions. So, if you want to team up with a buddy on the Xbox to dunk some hoops, or you've got a "PC Master Race" friend that's been waiting to team-up and play a little car footie, the only thing holding you back now is (likely) your Internet connection.

Since its release last summer, Rocket League has blown up in a way that no one really saw coming. As of this past February, the title has reached a player-base of 12 million and grown in its eSports "phenom" status. It's even grown to a point where Microsoft has tossed out the idea of doing cross-platform with the PlayStation 4.

For now, though, the PlayStation 4 and PC can play together, and the Xbox One and PC can as well. If you don't want to do any cross-platform, however, you can disable the feature in the game's Options menu.