Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

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  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
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Explore the Great Wall with the Minecraft Chinese Mythology Pack
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Explore the Great Wall with the Minecraft Chinese Mythology Pack

Free update that includes other content coming as well

Minecraft players on all consoles will get some new content next week with a free update and some paid DLC, the Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack. The latter will add a pre-made world with plenty of temples, monasteries, dragons, and more to discover, while the free update will add some requested content based on the Arctic biome.

Any time I see anything remotely related to ancient China, I can't help but wonder if Lu Bu will pop in at some point. I blame years of playing Dyansty Warriors games. Maybe some voxel version of him is lurking with the depths of the Minecraft world...

The free content update will add all of the following:

  • New mobs: You’ll now find polar Bears (and their babies!) roaming frozen biomes
  • New items: Farm beetroots and keep yourself nourished with some healthy beetroot soup
  • Banners: Make beautiful banners to hang in your bases and spruce the place up
  • New terrain generation: You’ll find Igloos in Arctic biomes, Fossils buried underground, as well as different village paths and materials
  • New blocks: End Bricks, Beetroot, Grass Path, Frosted Ice, Magma, Nether Wart B-lock, Red Nether Brick and Bone Block

The Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack will retail for $4.99 on all console versions of the game. The pack and the free content update will be available for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions next Tuesday, October 4, and will be available for the Playstation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita versions next Wednesday, October 5.

Source: News.xbox.com