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Next Piece of Paid DLC for Vermintide Adds New Map
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Next Piece of Paid DLC for Vermintide Adds New Map

Also three pages of bug fixes and balances

The last piece of paid DLC for Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide added three new campaign maps set within Castle Drachenfels, and the next one will do the same. Shifting once again from the town of Ubersreik to the snow-covered peaks of the Grey Mountains,  "Karak Azgaraz" puts you and your stalwart companions in the hallowed halls of this Dwarven fortress where you must make your way to the top and light the beacon.

Before you can reach that beacon, however, you'll have to fight your way through the outlying settlement of Khazid Kro and track down a Dwarf engineer, and then fight off the Skaven menace through the Grey Mountains themselves and in order to locate a vault containing a special rune. After all that, you'll finally make your way to the top of the fortress to light the signal fire. Just as with "Drachenfels" before it, "Karak Azgaraz" will add two new weapons - a warpick for the Dwarf and a falchion for the Witch Hunter - that will only be available as rewards for the maps included in the DLC.

There's not set release date just yet for "Karak Azgaraz," but it will run you $8.99 when it drops. When it does arrive, it will also bring with it a hefty number of fixes and balances. There's a lengthy post over on the Vermintide forums about what all that entails, and there's also a site where you can opt into the open beta and check out these changes (as well as one of the levels in the new DLC) for yourself.