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Killing Floor 2

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New Free Content Added to Killing Floor 2
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New Free Content Added to Killing Floor 2

Check the game out for free on both PC and PlayStation 4

Tripwire's FPS horror shooter, Killing Floor 2, has gotten its second round of free content this week with "The Descent" DLC. Not only are there new maps, new guns, and a new gameplay mode, but you can enjoy that stuff even if you don't own the game! Until 1:00 PM EST Monday, March 27, 2017, you can play Killing Floor 2 for free on Steam, or you can enjoy it until March 28 for free on the PlayStation 4.

Here's all the new content you'll get in "The Descent" DLC:

  • Two new maps: The Descent, which includes a new "Holdout" sub-mode within Survival that puts players in a new location during each wave, and Nuked, a community-made map
  • Two new weapons: Spitfire and Stoner 63a LMG



If you enjoy your time with the game over the next couple days, then it's currently 50% off on Steam and 33% off on PSN. Just be sure to pick it up before the free weekends are over, as those sales become null and void at the same time.