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One Final PS4 Beta For Monster Hunter: World Before Launch
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One Final PS4 Beta For Monster Hunter: World Before Launch

Open to all PS4 users

Capcom has already run two betas for Monster Hunter: World and they just recently announced there will be one final beta before the title arrives on consoles in a couple weeks. This one will be open to all PlayStation 4 users with Internet access, regardless if you have a PS+ subscription, and will feature a new quest for you and your hunting buddies to undertake: battle against the terrifying Nergigante.

The beta will kick off at 2:00 AM UTC Friday, January 19, which is 7:00 PM EST Thursday, January 18. It'll end at 1:59 AM UTC Monday, January 22, which is 6:59 PM EST Sunday, January 21. You can start downloading the beta on Wednesday, January 17. If you're debating about whether or not this "MonHun thing" is for you, this is a pretty great way to find out. The beta has all 14 of the different weapon types for you to try out, and while it doesn't exactly guide you through all of the various systems, you can always team up with that friend who's always telling you to try it out.

Monster Hunter: World will be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26. The title will be coming to the PC later this year sometime in "Autumn 2018."

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