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[E3 2018] - Sony Press Conference Recap
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[E3 2018] - Sony Press Conference Recap

An interesting approach by Sony

Last night was Sony' E3 2018 Press Conference. They had some very solid and interesting games to show off during the hour-long event, but not a ton on the co-op front. In fact, the only thing that was revealed that (most likely) has co-op is Nioh 2 (wooo!)

You can watch the full press conference below (thanks to GameSpot). Here are some key time stamps and what's happening:

  • 5:49 - 17:10 - Last of Us 2 gameplay trailer. Visually, this game looks incredible, but I'm not kidding when I saw be warned, there is some very graphic violence on display here.
  • 26:15 - Mash-up of trailers for a few games like Tetris EffectDays Gone, and Ghost Giant
  • 28:20 - new Destiny 2 Forsaken trailer. I did a news post about this and if you want to avoid story spoilers, just skip this
  • 32:55 - 41:35 - Ghost of Tsushima gameplay trailer. Man, this game looks so incredible. Very eager to check this out.
  • 42:15 - new Remedy title, Control. Looks intriguing and mashes up telekinetic powers with gunplay.
  • 44:10 - Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer
  • 49:10 - another Kingdom Hearts III trailer, this time starring Captain Jack from "Pirates of the Caribbean"
  • 52:55 - Death Stranding trailer where... I dunno, something happens? This is Kojima at his peak, y'all
  • 1:01:14 - Nioh 2 reveal/announce trailer. Don't have details yet about the game, but we're guessing that it will feature two player online co-op again, hopefully letting friends join up without jumping through the "complete the mission first" hoop that eventually got patched out
  • 1:02:35 - Spider-Man gameplay featuring some of the Sinister Six

So that's it, just a lot of games. While I'm a little bummed there was only one (possibly) co-op title in all of that, there are a lot of interesting titles in that mix. 2019 is shaping up to be a pretty strong year for video games.