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The Crew 2 Is Getting Gators And Hovercrafts On September 26th
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The Crew 2 Is Getting Gators And Hovercrafts On September 26th

And yet Ubisoft still won't take my pitches for Andy Gator: Bayou Cop.

Somewhere out there is a person playing The Crew 2 and thinking, "Sure, all this open-world racing is great or whatever, but what I really want is the sensation of drifting into a hairpin turn while also swatting at a horde of bloodthirsty mosquitoes."  Luckily for this hypothetical person, they'll only need to wait a little over a month for their wish to come true, as the "Gator Rush" update will be hitting The Crew 2 on September 26th.

"Gator Rush" serves as the first free content update for Ubisoft's latest racing game.  Crucially, it'll add the Hovercraft discipline to the game as well as three actual hovercrafts for you to careen around the map in.  Alongside this, a number of in-game locations have been tweaked for the optimal hovercraft experience.  The below trailer will give you a pretty solid idea of what all will be changing.

Before we get to anything else, there's also a gameplay preview to whet your appetite even further.

Beyond the new hovercraft content, 20 new activities will be added to the game, and players will also be able to test their mettle against the new Ace difficulty mode for a chance at some Legendary Loot.

The Crew 2 has been out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC since the end of June and features online co-op for up to four players.  Based on recent history, Ubisoft has garnered a pretty solid reputation of standing by their games and providing continuous content updates regardless of sales performance.  As such, it's probably a safe bet to snag a copy if you're interested, as there will always be new stuff to experience throughout its life cycle.