• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Earthfall is Free to Play This Weekend in Steam
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Earthfall is Free to Play This Weekend in Steam

Keep the game at 66% off too

Earthfall, the four player co-op alien shooter, is free this weekend on Steam. Players can jump in and check out all the major new features and improvements from the Invasion Update that includes a horde mode and player progression system.

We had checked out Earthfall right after release and were really impressed with the game. It's good arcade like fun, that obviously reminded us of Left 4 Dead, but managed to do enough things differently that it set itself apart.

To celebrate this free "alien blast-a-thon weekend", Earthfall is available for a promotional price of $10.19, 66% off on Steam. So head on over to Steam and give the game a try, and if you like it, drop the coin to keep enjoying it with your friends.