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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

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PSA: D&D Enhanced Editions on Consoles are Single-Player Only
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PSA: D&D Enhanced Editions on Consoles are Single-Player Only

I suppose you could pass the controller to a friend?

If you woke up this morning, remembered that Baldur's Gate: Enhanced EditionBaldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, and Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition are all available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch now, and THEN thought, "oh boy! A chance to play those with friends!" we have some unfortunate but also vitally important news. The console versions of those games are single-player only.

I'm going to do my best to avoid any editorializing here and just say that initial information provided to us by the publisher of these versions (Skybound) indicated that they would support co-op/multiplayer. In the past couple weeks, the developer, Beamdog, put information out via social media and their forums that the games would not support co-op/multiplayer at release. This change was not communicated to us directly and thus we still had the console versions listed in our games database up until this weekend (we have since removed them). If you picked up the console versions expecting to play co-op, we apologize for the confusion and hopefully the platform where you purchased it will allow for a refund.

Beamdog has stated in their forums that "exploring multiplayer for the [these] games on console is still something we're interested in," but it doesn't sound like a thing that will happen anytime soon.

One final note is that the console version of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition WILL support co-op when it sees release later this year.