• Online Co-Op: 3 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 3 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 3 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Awesomenauts Developers Announce Action RPG Blightbound
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Awesomenauts Developers Announce Action RPG Blightbound

Role based dungeon crawling with style

Awesomenauts developer Ronimo Games have announced their next title in partnership with Devolver Digital. Called Blightbound, the game is a dark and stylish co-op dungeon crawler that features hand painted gritty graphics.

The game will feature three player couch or online co-op when its released on Steam Early access this summer. Players will choose from 20 unique heroes as they head into dungeons to collect, craft, and level up their heroes. From the initial material it sounds like cooperative play is pivotal to success.

  • Blightbound is an ever-expanding game with new dungeons to explore, new heroes to recover and use, and new loot to retrieve with planned free updates for the community.
  • Collect over 20 unique heroes, each with their own skill set, passive abilities, and fully narrated story to complete.
  • Hundreds of unique items to loot and craft to improve each hero and alter their repertoire of attacks and abilities. 
  • Build out your refuge atop the mountain by recruiting new artisans to craft more items, fulfilling bounties, and training your heroes.
  • Battle through three distinct lands, each with several dungeons to conquer, including the eerie Gravemark, the oppressive Underhold, and precarious Blood Ridge.
  • Distinct class roles that reward team play and powerful ultimate abilities that charge from fulfilling your role. Block damage as a warrior, interrupt enemies as an assassin or heal your allies as a mage.
  • A stunning mix of hand-painted characters and real time 3D models and lighting effects.