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Gloomhaven Stream Recap Part 2 - Killer Rats
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Gloomhaven Stream Recap Part 2 - Killer Rats

Who knew they were so deadly?

We're back for another week of Gloomhaven on PC. The four player co-op strategy game captured our attention last week and the crew couldn't wait to get more. Perhaps the best thing about it is just how well a session fits into an hour or so of play making it bite sized, but still providing solid progress for players.

If you missed last week's intro to the game with lots of great detail of the rules of play, you can catch it here

This week we are taking on a forest scenario where the party is tasked with eliminating a set number of enemies before being overrun. It's slightly different than the normal dungeon crawl, but there's still a lot of uncertainty with every turn that keeps the excitement levels high.


Gloomhaven is out now on Steam and features four player co-op. It's still in an early access state as of the time of this writing.