Strange Brigade Unleashes Co-Op Strangeness on Switch
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Strange Brigade Unleashes Co-Op Strangeness on Switch

Better strange and late than never!

We at Co-Optimus had a great time with Strange Brigade when it appeared on PC and consoles back in 2018. It cleverly mixes the enjoyable third-person shooting of Rebellion's Sniper Elite and Zombie Army series with huge hordes of enemies, a rollicking Egyptian adventure, and humorous narration. A whole new set of players can enjoy Strange Brigade and its 4-player co-op now that it's finally available on Nintendo Switch.

In the world of the game, the titular "Strange Brigade" is a group of British heroes who are tasked with defending the empire from supernatural threats around the globe. The team gets called into action when an unscrupulous archaeologist accidentally releases the spirit of an evil queen loose in 1930s Egypt.

Strange Brigade for Switch features:

  • Local Play - Includes 2-4 player local wireless play
  • Online Play - 2-4 player online co-op
  • Enhanced Controls - Motion Controls, HD Rumble and Pro Controller support
  • Technical Enhancements - Dynamic Resolution Switching for smooth 30fps gameplay. Running up to 1080p on TV and 720p handheld
  • Achievements - Achievements with in-game tracking screen
  • Friend Invites - Send invites to online and offline friends

Both the game and its season pass are available on the Switch eShop. The $29.99 Season Pass includes a 3-part campaign expansion, additional playable characters, powerful new weapons, items, and more. The DLC Packs are also available separately for some reason.

Strange Brigade is available in both standard and deluxe editions on Switch. The standard edition sells for $34.99. The Deluxe Edition sells for $59.99 and includes both the game and Season Pass. Now, how about a sequel, Rebellion?