Fallout 76 'Steel Reign' Update Is Out Now and It's Free
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Fallout 76 'Steel Reign' Update Is Out Now and It's Free

A trove of new content comes to the post-apocalyptic MMO.

While Bethesda’s Fallout 76 MMO experienced a famously troubled launch in 2018, it has slowly and steadily improved over the years. Case in point: the free 'Steel Reign' update has just launched on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. The update includes the Steel Reign questline that concludes the story of Steel Dawn, a new vendor, and a new legendary crafting system.

Today's 'Steel Reign' update includes:  

  • New Questline - Choose what direction the Brotherhood of Steel will take and solve the mysteries behind the appearance of the Super Mutants  

  • New Locations and Gear - Unlock unique gear from the Brotherhood’s arsenal and explore new locations as you uncover what's been happening in Appalachia  

  • Season 5 Scoreboard – A new season full of rewards begins today! K.D. Inkwell is back in Escape from the 42nd Century! Rank up to unlock new rewards including C.A.M.P. items, cosmetics, and more. 

  • Legendary Upgrades – Put those Legendary Modules to work and create your own 1, 2, & 3-star legendary items, right from the comfort of your own C.A.M.P. 

See the patch notes for more details.

'Steel Reign' is the first of two major updates that was teased at the Microsoft and Bethesda Games Showcase during E3 this year. The other, which will arrive in 2022, is called Fallout 76: Expeditions - The Pitt. Expeditions are quests that take place outside of the main Fallout 76 game area of Appalachia (West Virginia). The first of these expeditions is called The Pitt and will take place in the ruined version of Pittsburg that was introduced in Fallout 3. 'The Pitt' is expected to be a free update when it launches next year.

The 'Steel Reign' update is free for all Fallout 76 players. Fallout 76 sells for $39.99 on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, and is also available through Xbox Game Pass.