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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for November 2021
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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for November 2021

Time to smell all those hot new co-op titles.

December is upon is. Another holiday season right around the corner. A time of reflection, tranquillity and friendly gatherings allowing you to finally get out that awesome local co-op game you've been sitting on all year and play through it with your family and/or friends - or just dance your heart out with this years installment of the ever popular Just Dance-series. But while we do appreciate the fun in helplessly flayling around - we personally prefer to do it on our own and behind closed doors with multiple locks.

Luckily the November-releases have our back with titles like the Puzzle Platformer Hoplegs whose name should tell you all you'll need to know before jumping in. Looking for something more action-oriented but still family-friendly? How about the hand-drawn Hack'n'Slash Tunche? Still too cute? Well there was that surprise release of the Xbox Live Indie Hit I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1NIT!!!1 from 2009 for PC if you want to shoot Zombies with your relatives until the end of the world. And for those not being able to meet up? Don't fret: As always there's a plethora of Online Co-Op titles available. Ranging from the calming Farming Simulator 22 to the intense racing action in Forza Horizon 5. But don't take our word for it: Look down below and see what you might have missed in November.

Time for something new

Meanwhile, our editorial team decided that our Database Manager hasn't had enough to do lately. Of course from the outside it seems like he's constantly busy keeping an eye on new releases, making sure that our existing entries are up-to-date and closing gaps in our database resulting in more than 160 new entries this month alone. But we know that he's just slacking off all day so we - well, mainly our resident Arcade-Superfan Paul - decided that it would be a good time to add a whole new system to our repertoire: Home Arcade (HA).

In this category, you'll find games released on those fancy new arcade machines with an internet connection that allow you to play a nearly endless amount of classic and new titles a-like thanks to the power of downloading stuff. Currently, you'll "only" find around 60 games released for iiRcade in our system, but our Database Manager will do everything in his power to expand the Home Arcade category to include other machines in the near future. Like we always say: Breaks are for other people, but not for him. We have a reputation to uphold, after all, as the #1 Co-Op Database on the whole World Wide Web.

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