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Puzzle Bobble Everybubble Will Feature Cooperative 'Space Invaders' Mode
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Puzzle Bobble Everybubble Will Feature Cooperative 'Space Invaders' Mode

Bub, Bob, and friends must team up to stop the iconic invaders!


We've been excited for Puzzle Bobble Everybubble, the upcoming Switch-exclusive entry in Taito's Puzzle Bobble series, since the game was announced last year. All signs point to Everybubble being the biggest and best game in the series. This one will feature numerous modes, including the exciting "Puzzle Bobble VS. Space Invaders." Despite the "VS" in the title, said mode actually allows up to 4 local players to play against the famous Space Invaders.

In "Puzzle Bobble VS. Space Invaders," the Space Invaders don't fly around the top of the screen as they do in Arkanoid VS. Space Invaders. Instead, the alien enemies appear inside the bubbles that the Puzzle Bobble protagonists must pop. Matching three bubbles of the same color will eliminate the bubbles - and the invaders within. The trick is that the invaders fire shots downward that players must avoid by moving left or right. The heroes can only aim up, just like in a regular Space Invaders game. When Taito includes modes like this in its games, the modes tend to be pretty limited content-wise, but "Puzzle Bobble VS. Space Invaders" still sounds like a lot of fun.

Puzzle Bobble VS Space Invaders Everybubble

Taito and publisher ININ Games have also announced that Puzzle Bobble Everybubble will include a 2-player online versus mode that will support public and private matches. It's a shame that online co-op doesn't seem to be in the cards, but some online multiplayer is better than none!

Puzzle Bobble Everybubble takes place on the Rainbow Island, home to the mysterious Rainbow Tower. There, miniature dinosaurs called Miniroons come under threat, and only Bub, Bob, Peb, and Pab, the stars of the Bubble Bobble series can help. The game will feature a 4-player co-op story mode as well as Battle Mode. All modes feature the series’ traditional puzzle gameplay in which players fire bubbles from the bottom of the screen at the stacks of colored bubbles that descend from the top of the screen.

Puzzle Bobble Everybubble will be released both digitally and physically on Switch on May 23. Strictly Limited Games will release collector’s and limited editions as well, bundling the Super NES bonus games directly on the Everybubble cartridge