The Free Co-op Update for Infernax Has Arrived on Consoles and PC!
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The Free Co-op Update for Infernax Has Arrived on Consoles and PC!

Two players can now work together to save or crush the kingdom in this amazing Metroidvania.


Not long ago, Berzerk Studio and The Arcade Crew surprised us all by announcing that Infernax, the gorey, retro-style Metroidvania would be getting a new 2 player local co-op mode. Infernax launched as a single-player game - an amazingly solid one. Now the game is even better because the "Deux or Die" update has arrived. Two players can now team up to thwart or conquer the forces of evil in this challenging action platformer!

Infernax takes place during the Crusades. Lord Alcedor the knight and Cervul, his squire, return to their European kingdom after some time away at war to find that a darkness has overtaken the land, with monsters and disease threatening to wipe out the human population. The heroes must face tough moral choices (leading to three different endings), platforming challenges, and huge bosses on their quest to restore the kingdom. Saviors or conquerors - the choice is yours.

Infernax Intro

The "Deux or Die" update adds two modes to the game: Team Mode A (local co-op) and Team Mode B (Single Player). Co-op is obviously the most exciting way to play, especially since Cervul, the new character, gains access to different skills than the original protagonist, Alcedor. Whereas Alcedor's main weapon is a close-range mace, Cervul fights by throwing axes. The tag team mode makes for a whole new experience when playing solo, and you can even pause and add a second player at any time.

Infernax Mode Select

Here's an abridged list of patch notes:

Co-Op Changes:

  • Cervul: new character, Cervul, for couch coop mode with new tools and abilities
  • Co-op: In addition to 2-player mode, you can play both characters with 1 player with swap-mode
  • Co-op: Game has been rebalanced for co-op mode, enemy behaviors tweaked for multiple targets
  • Co-op: Additional dialogues and art to include Cervul
  • Co-op: New Inferno Power for finishing a co-op game, as well as new unlock icons for previous Inferno Powers
  • Co-op: Gun mode supports co-op
  • New Steam achievements: Achievements for co-op modes and easter eggs
  • CRT Filter: Custom settings allow you to get the retro look you want

Gameplay changes:

  • Bird Familiar AI has been revamped to make them more reliable, especially at coin-gathering
  • Alcedor can now block projectiles during invincibility frames across all modes
  • Teleporting enemies' logic has been revamped to account for second player before choosing a spawn location, and should be more generous in their spacing and vulnerable frame overall
  • Stranger's Melee weapon range will now be longer with each Weapon Level

We've only scratched the surface of the exciting "Deux or Die" update. Stay tuned for a full co-op review and more!

Infernax costs $19.99 on XboxPlayStationSwitch, and Steam. To celebrate the update, the Switch and Steam versions are currently on sale for 25 percent off. If you like Metroidvanias or even the NES classic, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, don't miss this game!