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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for June 2023
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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for June 2023

We need a break...

Oh boy, what a month! The eyes of our Database Master are strained from watching all those showcases, and his fingers are sore from entering everything relevant into our database. The result is a stunning increase of 271 new entries. For comparison: June 2021 only saw an addition of 179 entries. So the amount of co-op fodder announced definitely increased this year, even if we factor out the "normal" releases we are adding each month.

But most of these titles are still at least a couple of months away. So what was there actually available to play in June? Well, as always, quite a lot actually! We counted 53 games in our release calendar across all platforms, the biggest highlight of course being Diablo IV. But if that is too dark and brutal for you, then titles like We Love Katamari REROLL Royal Reverie or Toodee and Topdee have your back. Shoot'em up fans also had a couple of reasons to rejoice with Raiden III x MIKADO MANIAX hitting store shelves, as well as RayStorm X RayCrisis HD Collection and Ray’z Arcade Chronology.

Don't let us keep you and your friends away from your controller any longer. Take a look below and game on!

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