Terminator: Salvation

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Even Terminators Twitter from Time to Time
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Even Terminators Twitter from Time to Time

Tis the season for summer movie games!  Fortunately for us, at least some of these games feature co-op.  Terminator Salvation's tie in game is one example, featuring local split-screen co-op.  Shooting metal cyborgs with futuristic weapons with a pal sounds like a good time to me.

In addition to the requisite video game, Terminator Salvation has hit the Twitterverse!  The latest "gotta have it" social networking tool is being used for a Twitter game.  You can sign up and find more details at the game's blog, Resistance2018.com.

Members of the human resistance are communicating with each other through Twitter. The Resistance is able to "intercept" Skynet communications, but they are decoded, incomplete or unanswered. The Resistance is turning to the Resistance2018 community to help complete these intercepts and broadcast messages in support of the cause.

Of course, as a loyal Co-Optimus fan, I am certain you're following us, so why not join the Resistance too?  I'll be on there as well, fully appreciating the irony of a Twitter game based on a story where machines take over the world.  

Source: Resistance2018.com