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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
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Sacred 2 Hints and Tips from the Co-Optimus Community
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Sacred 2 Hints and Tips from the Co-Optimus Community

Co-Optimus wouldn't be what it is without the intelligent and respectful operators that toil behind the scenes. Every successful community has its framework of passionate people. However, not often does a community -- with its diverse age groups and walks of life -- benefit from a crowd of supporters like ours.

We don't often have the opportunity to give front page facetime to forum posts except in the form of a news tip. Today, we're pleased to bring you the following collaborative (and ongoing) list of gameplay hints and helpful tips for playing an effective Sacred 2 co-op campaign...




1. Change your difficulty to SILVER! Bronze is easier, but you get like half the experience points so levelling up is mindnumbing. Silver is not hard by any means so it's very worth playing on that difficulty.

2. Spells can only be learned by using Runes. You find these as loot. LOOT EVERY CHEST you can find! Using Runes for spells you already know gives you the next level of that spell. This makes Runes incredibly important drops.

3. You only get 10 Skill slots so choose new skills to learn wisely. Also, don't forget that you can use the D-pad to navigate side to side through four different skill categories! I played the first two days thinking the ones on the first page were my only choice.

4. Pick no more than two of your three spell trees to focus in. There are two skills for each tree (focus and lore) meaning it would take 6 of you 10 skill slots to focus on all three.

5. Pick a weapons specialty skill. All weapons in this game have added benefits to characters who are skilled in it's use. Without the skill, you miss out and just get the basic damage stats. But beware of specializing in two many weapons as you only get 10 skill slots.

6. Pick the Armor skill. Since everyone wears multiple pieces of armor, this might be the most useful skill in the game. It works just like the weapon skills above.

7. Note that you can only have ONE buff spell active at a time. However, the Concentration skill will let you have TWO active.

8. Regeneration penalties refer to your spell cooldowns. The more penalties you have, the slower your spells cooldown. Armor skill, Concentration skill, and the Focus skills give you regeneration bonuses to counter this.

9. You can always teleport to any Teleporter you have activated in the past. However, you can only teleport to your current active Resurrection Stone. Avoid having your active resurrection stone near a Teleporter.

10. Relics are special items that are equipped just like armor. I had mistaken them for something you used to upgrade items with. You can equip 6 at any given time.

Bonus: There is no level minimum for Mounts. You just need the cash and to be able to get to the vendor. My level 6 Dryad has a mount already. So sell, sell, sell!




11. Periodically click down on the left stick! It will show you information like lootable objects. Not just chests and barrels which have a lighting flash to bring them to your attention, but also Magical Hiding Places that don't show up. Additionally, clicking the left stick will show you the names on the sign posts.

12. Pick up a ranged weapon to help you chip away on a few points of life from an enemy before he approaches.

13. Keep a buff active at all times. If you can have an extra helper to attack or a spell to help you defend, why not do it?

14. Don't forget how to slot your weapons: you have one each for A, B, X, and Y, plus an additional four more each when you hold downing either the L or R trigger! Why not map healing spells to the L Trigger and harder attack spells to the R Trigger? Might help you keep things straight in the chaos of battle!

15. Certain towns have a "Hero Chest" which works like a locker in other games such as Resident Evil. You can drop your items here and access them from other chests in other towns. The best part? You can access these items with your OTHER CHARACTERS!! Find a wicked cool weapon only a Seraphim can use? Instead of selling it, you can place it in the chest, save and exit your game, then access the chest with your Seraphim character!

Bonus Co-Op Tip: Save items to trade with your buddies! I don't plan on playing as an Inquisitor just yet, so any Inquisitor-only items I get go into the Hero Chest to trade to Ash or Bio next time I play with them. Sharing is caring!




1. buy Health potions early, they get expensive later on, at lv27 they cost around 1.5k per potion

2. Keep ALL runes you find, you can trade them in for whatever skill you want

3. Try to specialize in a certain skill set, since you only get 10 slots pick what you want

4. Explore! The map is huge so theres ton to explore

5. save often (Ive had the game freeze only twice, once online with Ash and once offline when there was about 20-25 guys on screen.)


The discussion is ongoing, so pitch in if you have some tips. And remember to use the meetup thread for Sacred 2 to get a four-player co-op game going!