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Call of Duty Nazi Zombie Leaderboards Are Live
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Call of Duty Nazi Zombie Leaderboards Are Live

As August nears, more Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3 (including Nazi Zombie map Der Riese) teasers are dropping: pictured above is a chunk of the newest wallpaper made available at this morning.

With the new desktop adornment comes the news that your Nazi Zombies mode stats are finally available to view, both in your dossier and on the front page! Now you can see how many undead you've splattered, how many rounds you've played, and more.

Finally, Treyarch is throwing 10 new Achievements and Trophies into the new Nazi Zombies map. Here is the official list:

40 Knives!:
Kill 40 zombies with the bowie knife.

Acquire Waffle Weapons!:
Obtain the Ray Gun, DG-2, and the Monkey Bomb at the same time in a game.

Der electrican!:
Link all teleport pads before round 7.

Frequent Flyer!:
Use the teleporter 8 times.

Open all doors in the map.

The Might of the monkey!:
Use the Monkey Bomb.

Perkaholics Anonymous!:
Survive untill round 20 without buying a single perk.

Pack Addict!:
Upgrade 5 weapons at the Pack A Punch Machine.

Wacker Packer!:
Upgrade any weapon in Pack A Punch.

Elevate Your Senses!: