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Other Awesome Co-Op Titles

Phantasy Star Online - This was a truly groundbreaking game.  The gameplay wasn't particularly innovative, as it is a standard hack and slash RPG.  But for many people, PSO was the first online co-op experience on a console.  Sure, the PC had been doing it for a while, but the built in modem of the Dreamcast allowed up to four people to group up and kill stuff together over the internet.  That's a milestone as far as co-op gaming is concerned.  A sequel/second version of PSO was released as well, adding several new features to the game.

Power Stone 2 - This game features only comp stomp co-op, but that can still be fun.  Gameplay is similar to Super Smash Brothers, but in a fully 3D playing field.  Treasure hunters from across the world are all fighting over the Power Stone, rumored to have the ability to make dreams come true.  Team up with a buddy to take down computer controlled characters.  Just make sure to avoid each other, as friendly fire is on.  Or, you know, hit your buddy in the face "on accident".  (There's a dream come true for you! House of the Dead 2 - This game is representative of the lightgun shooters available on the Dreamcast, including Virtua Cop 2 and Confidential Mission.  Gameplay is pretty much what you'd expect: you're gonna shoot a lot of undead with your partner.  House of the Dead has remained popular, and in recent years the series has found a place on the Wii system, which just makes sense. 


Dynamite Cop - This game is your basic old school brawler, given the 3D treatment.  The president's daughter has been abducted by neo-pirates, and it's your job, as a titular dynamite cop, to retrieve her.  Interesting trivia: Dynamite Cop is the second game in a series, the first of which was rebranded in the USA as Die Hard Arcade.  Yippee Ki Yay!

The Dreamcast was Sega's swan song, as far as home consoles go.  The rise of the Playstation 2, coupled with additional competition from Nintendo and Microsoft, drastically cut short the system's lifespan.  Still, it was a fantastic system, and easily ahead of some of its competitors as far as online gameplay was concerned.  The Dreamcast brought us one of my favorite games of all time (though it's not really co-op): Chu Chu Rocket.  What are your Dreamcast favorites, co-op or otherwise?


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