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Denis Dyack Calls out Forum over Too Human
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Denis Dyack Calls out Forum over Too Human

Denis Dyack (pictured above) has called out popular internet forum NeoGaf.  Apparently "the Gaf" has plenty of doubters of Too Human, so Dyack threw down the proverbial gauntlet.  His decree?  If you're confident the game will be a letdown, state your belief unequivocally in the thread. If, after finally playing it, you turn out to be right, Dyack has agreed to accept the forum tag "Owned by the GAF." If the haters are wrong they will have to accept the tag "Owned by Too Human."

It's not everyday a game developer lets himself be publically known on a message board, especially one as popular as NeoGaf.  On top of that, it's not every day a developer actually responds or creates challenge like this.    He even signs of the thread pretty dramatically -

"So it's time to be stand and be counted:

"Denis Dyack -- 'For'"