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Splash Damage's Richard Ham Reaffirms Co-Op Gaming's Importance

The Creative Director of Brink recently responded to the MTV Multiplayer Blog's "Developer Pop Quiz", and while the results aren't entirely a surprise - we couldn't help but agree with at least one of his answers. When asked about the most important thing that has happened to gaming in the last 10 years, he replied, "co-op" (in not so few words).

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Brink: One Last Preview

Splash Damage has a tall order. They always have. Since the announcement and unveiling of Brink at E3 and PAX 2009, respectively, they've held strong to their original vision for a game that seamlessly blends single-player, co-op, and multiplayer experiences. This week the internet is abuzz about Brink, and critics the world over are poised to release their opinions into our laps (including one of my favorite critics, Co-Optimus' very own Andrew Gaskill).

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Unreal Development Kit Update Brings "The Samaritan" Demo to Life

Last week at GDC, Epic Games showed off a new version of the Unreal Engine 3 that boasted a ton of new features.  To showcase this, they created a demo called "The Samaritan."  In a look and setting that clearly looks inspired from Bladerunner, we see a rainy futuristic city with neon lights reflected in every puddle.  A man on a rooftop witnesses a beating and jumps in to help out.  

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