Crackdown 2

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes
Crackdown 2 Campaign Videos are a Tease Like a Renegade Orb
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Crackdown 2 Campaign Videos are a Tease Like a Renegade Orb

As a long time Crackdown fan, I absolutely crave every nugget of information for the sequel.  But sometimes I see things or read things I wish I hadn't, the following three videos of Crackdown 2 fall into that category.  Not because they are bad, no - definitely not - in fact it's the complete opposite.  It's because the videos serve as a reminder that we still have 3 months till the game releases on the Xbox 360.

You see the three videos walk us through the opening areas of the game and give us a peak at some of the new gadgetry and goals we'll be attempting with three of our friends.  There's plenty of explosions, gunplay, and rag doll physics to entice us.  Sure it starts out like the same ol Crackdown, but it quickly evolves as we learn that supply points are gone, vehicles are dropped in by helicopter, and ultra violet shotguns kick some serious ass.  There's even a short glimpse of the new hand to hand combat system.

Later on in the videos we see our first look at a Freak Lair and just how we get to eradicate it.  

Did I mention the Renegade Orbs, Wind Suit, and Helicopter that shoots missiles?  Seriously, is it July 6th yet?