Crackdown 2

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Crackdown 2 Co-Op Night
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Crackdown 2 Co-Op Night

Sorry for the late notice on this one folks, but tomorrow night - that's Thursday August 19th - we'll be hosting a Crackdown 2 co-op night on Xbox Live!  What could be better than running around Pacific City with some co-op partners putting an end to the Freak infestation?

Joining up is simple - just use the game's built in matchmaking to find a co-op game.  The Co-Optimus Staff will be hosting numerous sessions in that are open to the public.  If you want to host your own session, and we encourage you to do so, just remember to set your preferences so anyone can join!  That's it.  You can also leave your gamertag in the comments below to help facilitate finding folks!

We'll kick things off around 8PM Eastern time and go until we have more orbs than we know what to do with!

Now's a good time to get back into Crackdown 2 because we have it on good word we'll be seeing some DLC very soon.  And we hope to see you very soon in Crackdown 2!

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