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Call of Duty 7 To Be Unveiled Tomorrow
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Call of Duty 7 To Be Unveiled Tomorrow

So... Call of Duty.  It's a modestly popular franchise, to say the least.  Been in the news a bit lately, too, hasn't it?  Well, despite the trouble, the world goes on, and more Call of Duty games are on the way.  The next game will be Call of Duty 7, and that's pretty much all we know at this point, other than it's being developed by Treyarch.  The marketing juggernaut will get into high gear tomorrow, and we'll have much more information about the new game then.  Will the game be set in Vietnam, as has been speculated?  I suppose we'll know soon enough.

A teaser trailer will hit Game Trailers TV tomorrow evening, and you can expect the internet will explode shortly thereafter as the information gets dispersed across the globe.  Gamers love some Call of Duty, after all, and we'll bring you the news as it hits.  Personally, I'm sort of hoping for Call of Duty: Pokemon.