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Interstellar Marines

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
Next Slice of Interstellar Marines Now Available
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Next Slice of Interstellar Marines Now Available

It's been some time since we saw anything from Interstellar Marines, a unique tactical co-op game from developer Zeropoint Software.  When we last looked at the game we talked about their investment like business model, where dividends were paid out to shareholders in the form of mini-slices of the full product.  All this was being done to tide you over till the final release of the game.  The latest slice is now available and it's called Running Man.

"In Running Man players take part of a select group of Special Forces secretly being trained as first line of defense against other sentient species. Deep inside an underground military facility and under the supervision of Drill-Sergeant Barry, players will engage in a series of grueling training programs and fight high-tech Combat Training Robots specially designed for fast paced close quarter combat training."

This is vastly different than the previous slice, Bullseye, which was simply a target range.  To get access to that, as well as Running Man you need to purchase a "share" or medal in the game.  Here's what's available.

Players can completely unlock a given slice by purchasing a $5 Support Medal. Players signing up for the $25 Frontline account get complete access to all current and future slices as well as a digital copy of the first game in the trilogy, when it is released on PC and Mac. Finally players can go full circle and purchase the limited edition $39 Spearhead account (only 75.000 available) which besides all the Frontliner benefits secures members with all three games in the trilogy at a very attractive price.


The game will be available on PC and Mac, or technically, any web browser that supports the Unity Engine plugin.  More info can be found at