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Fable 3

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No Kinect-ing in Fable 3 at Launch
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No Kinect-ing in Fable 3 at Launch

We've known for quite some time now that Fable 3 will include Kinect support.  What we haven't known though is just what exactly that entails.  Will we be interacting with Fido like a Kinectimal?  Does our Fable 3 avatar instantly recognize us?  Perhaps there's a chicken kicking mini game with realistic leg swinging action?  Everyone's dream of a couch co-op sex game?  Err... wait, what? 

Whatever the Kinect support is for Fable 3, we won't be playing with it until after the game launches.  Peter Molyneux has stated the game, which launches a week before Kinect, won't have support for Microsoft's motion control system at launch.