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Fable 3 Developer Lionhead Studios Sets up Support Page for Bugs
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Fable 3 Developer Lionhead Studios Sets up Support Page for Bugs

Another Fable game, another buggy mess.  Many gamers are having problems with Fable 3, and the good folks at Lionhead Studios are aware of it.  Game crashing bugs are not a common occurrence, but they are happening.  To address the situation, Lionhead studios has set up a support page for concerned gamers.

On the support page you will find a small questionnaire aimed at reproducing your bug.  Questions like which game mode are you in (single-player or co-op), the sex of your character, and your level make up the bulk of it.  I am not an expert at anything, but I would wager that when "Bug" is the biggest word in your tag cloud, all is not well in Albion.

With the broad nature of the questions one has to wonder what may be the cause of all these glitches.  There seems to be a problem with some DLC, other gamers are having problems with co-op.  I wonder if it's the fact that every other person that isn't me now has 999,999,999 in gold.

This marks the second time Lionhead Studios has burned me.  My wife suffered a game breaking bug near the end-game of Fable 2.  Peter Molyneux became 'he who cannot be named' around our house for years.  She had no interest in Fable 3, that is until I showed her Co-Optimus' Fable 3 video of virtual house.  As soon as she saw an option for how much money you can spend on a wedding, she was hooked.  But the news of these glitches has crushed her enthusiasm.

Now Fable 3 sits off to the side as we play Halo: Reach and Dead Rising 2, waiting for the inevitable patch.   It is joined by Fallout: New Vegas, also reported to be a bug infested nightmare, and Borderlands, which is not glitched, but should be receiving a free cap-increasing patch this month

One can only speculate if the rush to release triple-A titles this holiday season is the cause for all of this.  Don't game developers realize how dry the summers are?  Can we please get a big title in June?  As good as XBLA summer games are, I'm sick of them being my main gaming staple for a three month period.

What about you, fair reader?  Do you like paying $59.99 to be a game tester?

Source: Lionhead.com