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Blood Drive offers Zombie Killing Car Combat on a Budget
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Blood Drive offers Zombie Killing Car Combat on a Budget

It looks like somebody got Dead Rising in their Twisted Metal.  Activision has announced a new zombie infested vehicular combat game.  According to a recent press release, Blood Drive promises:

A post-apocalyptic gladiator arena filled with zombies with attitudes and armored war machines sets the stage for the ultimate bloodsport...

Co-op details are still scarce, but online drop-in, drop-out multiplayer has been confirmed. The game will retail for a budget price of $49.99 on November 2.  This has led to some far flung specluation to a Kinect connection, but given the price and nature of the game, that's doubtful.

As you can see from the giant images below, Blood Drive has earned itself a Mature rating.  Co-op is rumored but not officially confirmed.  The game boasts car combat, zombies, and zombie strippers.  No word yet on zombie stripping combat cars. 

We'll see how this game stacks up against games of similar prestigious pedigree (Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad) when it releases this fall for both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.