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Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Co-optimus Community Voice for Week 4, September 2010
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Co-optimus Community Voice for Week 4, September 2010

As we investigate more and more of the Co-optimus Community Voice options in our blogs, the more I realize how much organization I still have to learn to keep up with you guys. Really, we’ve seen some interesting blogs, and hope to see more from the quieter side of the community. This week we have two great options for week 4 in Co-optimus Community Voice. Next month we’ll have a new topic, and we’ll hopefully get more of a handle on things for you guys. We want to know more about the co-op community, not just great co-op news and resources.

Keep writing!

CCV The Perfect Game For MrMcJerk...Kane and Lynch.

Adam and James aren't overmuscled bodybuilding soldiers, they're two thugs. They're old, balding, and broke - who among us with those traits has the time to do P90X? And as for the rest of the crew, such as the multiplayer ex-pats, they fit perfectly as well. In the storyline, when you meet them to break into a gang-run sweatshop, you can tell these are the muscle in your boss's operation. One hacks open a door with an axe. Close-ups reveal weathered faces, old men, and a tired, jaded desperation. These are thugs who've seen the worst of humanity (and have been the worst of humanity), and they look the part.

CCV The Perfect Game For BigBadBob113...WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw

This is the beauty of what makes the Smackdown vs. Raw series such a great co-op game…you and your friends have complete control over it. If you’re a huge wrestling fan, you and your friend can assume the role of your favorite tag team and go to town on the competition. However, what is a lot more fun is when you create your own characters and wreak havoc as your own personal wrestling incarnation. Nothing is more fun than you and your friend creating your own versions of what your dream wrestler is, and then using them to fight the lamest wrestlers you can think of, whether they are politicians, celebrities, or just some guy that you both hate.