Uncharted 3 to get its Just Deserts?
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Uncharted 3 to get its Just Deserts?

Nathan Drake and the Raiders of the Plot Rip Off

Co-Optimus likes rumors, and it also likes Uncharted 2's co-op mode.  Therefore, any rumor about an upcoming Uncharted sequel gets us all practicing our witty one liners and climbing skills.  The upcoming VGA Spike awards have already promised a possible Left 4 Dead 3 or Resident Evil 6, but now its adding a new Nathan Drake rumor into the mix.

In Uncharted 1 and 2, Drake has visited jungles, war torn cities and an ice cold tundra, but what is left?  According to the 1994's book of gaming cliches, the next level has to be desert based.  The above image not only suggests that Uncharted 3 is in the works, but will likely be getting sand between its proverbial toes.  Think critically panned film Sahara, but with actors who appear more alive.

As a fan of the first game.  Co-Optimus was pleased to see the co-op element introduced into the sequel.  There are no official announcements about the game, so the level of co-op is yet unknown.  Let me be the first person to suggest to Uncharted 3 developers Naughty Dog, that a 2 player campaign co-op would rock the Casbah!   

Source: Kotaku.com