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One Big Cooperative Effort - Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam
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One Big Cooperative Effort - Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam

The Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion pack was released world wide for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this week, and although there is no Onslaught co-op mode (sad face) the downloadable add-on is a hot item for shooter fans.

You may recall a neat post-release goal that DICE had set for gamers who'd downloaded Battlefield 1943 - a challenge to collectively reach 43 million kills, which would unlock the Coral Sea map for all customers. Once again, DICE has issued a call to duty...and this time, they're requiring even more teamwork.

69 million cumulative team actions is what will unlock the Operation Hastings map. Team actions are defined as reviving downed players, resupplying ammo, healing, vehicle repair, and spotting (tagging enemies for your entire team to see).

We'll bring you full impressions of the Vietnam expansion pack in due course. For the meantime, check out the Operation Hastings trailer below.



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