F.E.A.R. 3

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FEAR 3 Collector's Edition Give Pregnant Pause for Thought
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FEAR 3 Collector's Edition Give Pregnant Pause for Thought

Congratulations, its a demon

If you are like me, you will refuse to buy a game unless it is packaged in a bizarre Collector's Edition that preferably has some overpriced tat included.  I already own a helmet for my cat and some night vision goggles for spying on my neighbors, but now I can have a glowing figurine depicting a heavily pregnant woman/demon.

F.E.A.R 3's newly announced Collector's Edition not only contains a metal cover (possibly made out of Ironman's 2nd hand trousers), comic book and in game gun, but also the aforementioned unpleasant figurine of F.E.A.R franchise regular Alma.  I find that nothing impresses a member of the opposite sex better than bringing them round to your house and showing them a glowing green belly from an unsightly doll. 

If you want to see this disturbing model for yourself, F.E.A.R 3 publishers, Warner, have been kind enough to produce a quick video for your delectation.  The video is for the UK Collector's Edition, but I refuse to believe that the US and rest of the EU won't be subjected to the same.  Click Read More to witness Alma's bump, if you dare ...   

Source: Joystiq.com