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Ubisoft Reveals 5 Different Editions for The Division 2

If you're looking forward to playing Tom Clancy's The Division 2, then Ubisoft has a variety of editions they'd like to sell you. The publisher/developer revealed all these versions of the forthcoming sequel during Gamescom, and maybe the most interesting item in all of this is a "Year 1 Pass" for all editions above "Standard," which gives you early access to the free "Year One Episodes."

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Halo 4 Limited Edition Loaded with Content, Sets you Back $99

Microsoft and 343 Industries have announced the content of the upcoming Halo 4: Limited Edition.  The Xbox 360 game package will include a drop ship worth of content for $99.  Content includes the full 90 minute Forward Until Dawn movie, nine maps for multiplayer, early access to specializations and much more.  Here's the complete breakdown of what you'll be getting with Halo 4.

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Starhawk Limited Edition Announced as Gamestop Exclusive with Co-Op Map, Warhawk 1

The "limited edition" of Starhawk has been announced, and rather than spend extra money on a giant box filled with art books, soundtracks, and statues - you'll be getting a whole bunch of digital pack ins for the same price as the normal version.  The biggest piece of content included for co-op players is a map called Maw of Despair, which is a particularly challenging cooperative mission for four players.  

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