Co-Optimus - Video - Killzone 3 Loaded with 70 Minutes of Cutscenes

Killzone 3

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Killzone 3 Loaded with 70 Minutes of Cutscenes
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Killzone 3 Loaded with 70 Minutes of Cutscenes

When the two player co-op game Killzone 3 is released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 in February, you're gonna want to make sure you are stocked up on popcorn and soda.  It's been revealed the game contains over 70 minutes of cutscenes, that's according to the BBFC which rated the game an 18+.   According to Eurogamer this rating, the ESRB equivalent of M for Mature, isn't just for bloody content - but for plenty of foul language.  But don't think this is like Bulletstorm, where it appears random swear words are thrown together for comedic effect.

"Our sound director is here today and we said to him, 'Go through the entire database and, anything that's got s*** or f*** in it, just get rid of it - we don't want to hear it ever again!" Steven Ter Heide said.

"We feel the dialogue in there shouldn't be gratuitous; it should be about advancing the story and natural responses. It shouldn't be off-the-scale swearing.

Killzone 3's campaign is playable in 2 player couch co-op.  Here's some footage straight from CES 2011 last week.