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Transformers: War for Cybertron

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On harder difficulty settings you will have to work together as a team to succeed

Untrue, the headache inducing difficulty actually drew us together as a team.  During the easier sections in the game all three players tackled the game in the same way – all guns blazing and every now and again helping a fallen comrade.  We did not think to use the individual skill sets that made up the character classes.  Megatron with his power, Breakdown with his speed, and Soundwave with his defenses.  With our backs against the wall, true co-op came to pass.  I as Megatron started to take enemies head on with my increased power, whilst Soundwave would use shields and his health gun to heal my wounds.  What of Breakdown?  This chap proved invaluable in speedy-distraction techniques taking pressure away from Megatron.  

After several attempts at the boss, we managed to get our teamwork down pat (mastered) and beat the level.  The struggle was worth it as the rewards for success felt richer.  We had worked as a team to defeat what looked like an unbeatable boss.  We have now started the Autobots campaign; but why it so much easier? Perhaps because we now know how to work as a team; power, defense and speed all working as one to play the game as it was meant to be.  More evidence, if evidence were needed, that cooperative aspects in a game can lift it from the mundane to the magnificent.